Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Futurama series 4 -- New Build-A-Figure wave begins

I've always been a fan of Futurama, even when it wasn't cool. The show was resurrected from its grave last year, and hopefully won't be killed off again. I started my Futurama toy collection at the 2007 San Diego ComicCon with "Mating Season Zoidberg" and I wish I would have bought a few more as it is one of the rarer figures now.
Since then, Series 1 through 3 have come and gone -- but now a new wave is upon us.
Series 4, 5 & 6 will each feature 2 figures per series, and each figure includes one of six Build-A-Figure pieces to construct Robot Santa!
Series 4 (pictured above) consists of Fry (as Captain Yesterday) and Nudar (that rascally alien). Release date is August (which, looking at the calendar, is almost over) and I still haven't seen them in stores yet -- but you can pre-order them online. Series 5 (Super King Bender & Calculon) and Series 6 (Amy & Clobberella) will follow in October and November, respectively.