Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Masters of the Universe Classics line begins rollout

Mattel kicked off the return of He-Man at the San Diego Comic Con with the highly sought after exclusive King Greyskull (and the rare "statue" variant). If you were lucky enough to get either, you were rewarded with a low volume exclusive that is in demand right now.

The Masters of the Universe Classics line continues this fall with the release of He-Man and Beastman, both priced at $20 each (which is a bit pricey). These can only be ordered via mattycollector.com which is Mattel's official online store. We'll update you when each becomes available, but we wanted to give you a preview.
Here's hoping the Classics line receives enough fan support to entice Mattel to release many more Masters of the Universe figures. I want an Orko, damnit!

The release dates and other figures in the line have been revealed:
* He-Man - October 31st
* Beast Man - November 15th
* Skeletor - December 15th
* Stratos - January 15th
* Merman - February 15th
* Zodac - Sometime in 2009

More info here [via powet.tv]


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