Friday, September 19, 2008

Barbie DC Superheroes: Pink Label Collection

Mattel's Barbie is making a crossover with the DC Superbabes. These gorgeous 11 ½-inch women are priced at $39.99 each.

Batgirl: Available Now
This luscious red head is the only one released so far. She is decked out in her stylish skin-tight black suit with a matching cape as well as yellow gloves and boots. She sure looks ready to scold you for bad behavior.

Supergirl (Toys 'R' Us exclusive): Available 9/25/08
The girl of steel is available for purchase next week and you can get her at Toys ‘R’ Us only. She is dressed up in her less than modest, yet very sexy superhero attire. Yellow belt, shiny red cape and red high-heeled boots complete the look. Hmm…she may be an inspiration for the next comic-con convention.

Black Canary: Available 10/21/08
This Blonde Bombshell is due for release next month. Her wardrobe includes the black motorcycle jacket, black gloves, boots and – every man’s soft spot – the fishnet stockings.

Wonder Woman: Available 12/8/08
This Amazon Princess is scheduled to arrive in time for Christmas. In addition to her traditional patriotic attire, this babe comes with a matching cape, the lasso of truth, bulletproof bracelets, body armor and my personal favorite…the golden tiara.