Friday, September 19, 2008

DC Universe Classics update - New 2-pack photos & wave 5 (Walmart exclusive) preview

Mattel has just released some new photos of the upcoming DCUC 2-packs! These are due out in approximately one month and feature some awesome combo sets.
Pictured above are:

- Batman Figure Pack featuring Batgirl & Azrael
- Green Lantern Figure Pack featuring Abin Sur & Hal Jordan
- New Gods Figure Pack featuring Orion & Lightray
- Super Enemies Figure Pack featuring Cyborg Superman & Mongul

[Update: These DCUC 2-packs are all exclusive to Toys 'R' Us.]

Also, new in-package photos of DC Universe Classics wave 5 have been posted at Wave 5 is a Walmart exclusive wave due for release in October. The Wave 5 "Collect and Connect" Build-A-Figure is Metallo (pictured below).
We covered Wave 4 here, and some internet reports say that the Wave 4 figures have been appearing in stores this past week. So get out there and try to find super-rare and in-demand Artemis (Wonder Woman variant).


Bubbashelby said...

Aaargh! I only have one figure from sereis three! I am falling so far behind!!!

But these two packs are VERY exciting, because I never found Batgirl/Azrael/Cyborg Supes in stores (and didn't buy Mongul when I did see him) so I'll be all over those sets!