Saturday, September 27, 2008

G.I. Joe Cobra Desert & Arctic Assualt Squads (internet exclusive) coming next month

The Cobra Desert & Arctic Assault Squad battle packs have been available for pre-order for awhile now, but here is your first look at them in-package. These are "internet exclusive" sets so you won't see them in stores. They are due to ship in October.
Each pack contains 7 figures and a ton of accessories/weapons:

Cobra Arctic Assault Squad:
- Tele-Viper
- Scrap-Iron
- Snow Serpent Officer
- Cobra Viper (x2)
- Snow Serpent Trooper (x2)

Cobra Desert Assault Squad:
- Major Bludd
- Cobra Flamethrower Trooper
- Hostile Environment Specialist Cobra Trooper
- Explosives Expert Cobra Trooper
- Cobra Officer
- Desert Crimson Guard x2


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