Wednesday, September 24, 2008

G.I. Joe Combat Heroes wave 2 preview

Hasbro's foray into miniaturized cuteness continues with the G.I. Joe Combat Heroes wave 2 (pictured above). Considering how small these are, some of these look perfectly sculpted; Storm Shadow, Serpentor, and the Baroness jump out to me as my early favorites, but I've always been partial to Cobra. I have yet to see Wave 1 in stores, but they are scheduled to be out any day now.
The Wave 2 lineup scheduled for a November/December release:

- Beach Head & Baroness
- Destro & Scarlett
- Serpentor & Flint
- Storm Shadow & Barbecue

What I really hope for is some Combat Heroes vehicle playsets, like the Star Wars Galactic Heroes have been doing recently. Mini HISS tanks? Yes, please!