Tuesday, September 23, 2008

G.I. Joe vehicles Wave 2 spotted in California; Wave 3 out in Asia

Wave 2 of the G.I. Joe 25th Anniversary vehicles has been spotted on store shelves in California. They've also been in-stock for the last week on some online toy store websites, but if you like to toy-hunt like I do, check with your local Target and Toys 'R' Us stores.

New vehicles in Wave 2 (pictured above) are:

- Cobra Firebat (with AVAC action figure)
- G.I. Joe SHARC (with Deep Six action figure)

The forthcoming Wave 3 has just been spotted on shelves in the Phillipines, and using our Asia to America rule-of-thumb, this means it shouldn't be long until they are here (roughly a couple weeks).

New vehicles in Wave 3 are:

- AWE Striker (with Leatherneck action figure)
- Cobra Fang & Claw (with Cobra Viper & Cobra Pilot action figures)

All vehicle packs have an MSRP of $15 each.