Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Hasbro to re-issue many 25th Anniversary G.I. Joe action figures

The 25th Anniversary G.I. Joe figures have been extremely popular -- and thus hard to find. While recent waves (8 & 9) have seemed more plentiful, the earlier waves sold out quickly and many people missed out. Hasbro is addressing this issue, to the delight and scorn of many collectors, by re-issuing some of the older waves from the past year, going back as far as Wave 1. The packaging is slightly different, as the originals have a silver/foil border & lettering and 25th Anniversary logo, while the new ones have a white border & lettering and a TV or Comic logo in the upper right corner (like waves 8 & 9). But the figures inside are exactly the same.
Assorted action figures from waves 1 through 7 are planned for re-issue, and some are even in stock now at BigBadToyStore. Expect them to show up at retail shortly. Update: Reports say they are appearing now.

Figures that are confirmed for re-issue so far include (with original wave #):

- Snake Eyes with Timber (wave 1)
- Storm Shadow (wave 1)
- Flint (wave 1)
- Beach Head (wave 2)
- Sgt. Stalker (wave 3)
- Firefly (wave 3)
- Duke (wave 4))
- Gung Ho (wave 4)
- Roadblock (wave 4)
- Scarlett (wave 4)
- Crimson Guard (wave 5)
- Snow Job (wave 5)