Monday, September 8, 2008

Justice League Unlimited - Wave 2 Target exclusive 3-packs hard to find

The newest wave of Justice League Unlimited has been appearing at Target stores over the past week, and in my experience the distribution of these figures is often uneven, and certain sets can be difficult to locate, driving up their prices on EBay.
I've been looking for The Question 3-pack shown above for the last week, visiting several different Target stores in two different states, but still no luck. But they are out there. So while I'm busy looking, here's a list of all the JLU action figures being released in this wave:

Wave 2
- Wonder Woman, Flash and The Question
- Fire, Ice and Green Lantern


Batman (show accurate with Wonder Pig)
Superman (with phantom zone projector)
Wonder Woman
Sinestro (Sinestro Corps uniform)

Six Packs:
Unknown Name (Batman, The Key, KGBeast, Atomic Skull, Shadow Thief, Silver Banshee)
Legends of the League (Superman, B'wana Beast, Deadman, Commander Steel, Vibe, Crimson Fox)

If anyone has any luck finding these, let us know in the comments.


Bubbashelby said...

I found one Question three pack on Friday, so they are showing up in Northern California.

I added some pics of him to my blog:

Anonymous said...

I found a GL with Fire and Ice near PA on Monday. As well as just stocked 6 packs from wave 1...

Anonymous said...

the entire 1st wave of the 3-pack is here @ target in south jersey...i'm waitin for the 2nd wave with deadman, atomic skull, etc. they have been showin up on ebays though, the 2nd wave that is

Anonymous said...

The 3 packs and single cards are all over southwestern PA but the 6 packs are nowhere to be found. The Target's here seem to be overstocked with the Apokolips Attacks 6 pack.

Ian McCullough said...

Been looking for the 2nd wave 6 packs for months in middle TN with no luck.

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