Friday, September 5, 2008

Preview of G.I. Joe DVD Battle Packs wave 2

The second wave of the G.I. Joe DVD Battle Packs are coming in the next few weeks. They include 2 more pieces of the MASS Device Build A Figure. If you loved the original G.I. Joe cartoon series from the 1980s, these are a must buy. I bought the first two in the series, and can't wait for these.
Each set includes 4 action figures, a piece of the MASS Device and a DVD miniseries. The first set (3 of 5 of the overall series) is "Arise, Serpentor, Arise" which includes the miniseries detailing the origin of Serpentor and includes him in a new sculpt more like his original figure from the '80s.
The second set (4 of 5 of the overall series) is "Pyramid of Darkness" and includes Quick Kick's first appearance in the 25th Anniversary line of action figures.
Also, in other Joe news, Wave 10 single carded action figures are now up on HasbroToyShop and marked as Coming Soon, which means they should be available for purchase within the week.