Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Spirit action figures revealed

Hollywood is resurrecting another comic book hero to make into a big-budget film. Due out on Christmas Day, 2008, "The Spirit" is being directed by the renowned Frank Miller of "Sin City" fame. Of course with any comic book based movie we get a toy line too.
The first wave of action figures, pictured above is as follows:

- The Spirit: The resurrected, masked vigilante sports more than 19 points of articulation, and comes with alternate fighting hands, a crowbar, manhole cover, and one of his many pet cats.

- The Octopus: This evil mastermind features over 13 points of articulation. Includes two big guns, a massive wrench, alternate hands and a removable hat.

- Plaster Of Paris: This sultry villainess features 9 points of articulation, and comes with a short sword, alternate hand with mini daggers and display base.

- Sand Seref: A jewel thief with dangerous curves features 13 points of articulation. Also included is her pistol and a trunk.

- Pathos: One of thugs of the Octopus, this henchman features 8 points of articulation, a machine gun and alternate hand.

These are being made by Mezco and should be available around Christmas.