Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Toyfare issue #135 out today

The latest issue of ToyFare hits the comic stores today. It takes a few more days for subscribers to receive their copies, and won't appear on news stands until September 23.
The cover previews the new Star Wars: The Clone Wars animated series that premires on the Cartoon Network on October 3rd. They also take a look at other animated offerings coming to TV and DVD. The issue also has an interview with JAKKS Pacific and what they are up to lately. And of course lots of pictures of cool toys that are coming down the pipe. Plus, the third and final part of Twisted Toyfare Theater's Manly Men of Action series.

Update: Here is the official trailer for the new Clone Wars animated series. Watching it makes me kind of excited about the series, to tell you the truth. I liked the movie more then I thought I would, so hopefully the series doesn't disappoint. They totally need to make a Ziro the Hutt action figure.