Wednesday, October 15, 2008

DC Infinite Heroes invading stores now

DC Infinite Heroes/Crisis is a new line of action figures from Mattel that started this past summer. It is the first time that these DC characters have ever been released in 3 3/4" scale. Wave 1 was released in August/September, and Wave 2 has just arrived. Wave 3 is due out in November. I've heard some complaints about the lack of articulation of these figures, but I've also read that Mattel will be improving the quality and articulation so that later waves are better than the first wave.

Wave 1 (August/September)
Black Adam
Qwardian Weaponer
Manhunter Robot
Hush (Masked)
Black Hand
The Atom
Guy Gardner
Professor Zoom

Wave 2 (October)
Star Sapphire
Power Girl
The Question

Wave 3 (November)
Dr. Fate
Black Lightning
The Spectre

Future Waves:
Two-Face, Wonder Woman, Lex Luthor, Flash, Supergirl, Joker, Scarecrow, Nightwing, Sinestro.

There are also DC Infinite Heroes 3-packs:

Wave 1 (August/September)
[Commissioner Gordon, Gotham City SWAT member x 2]
[Flash, Weather Wizard, Mirror Master]

Wave 2 (October)
[Superman, Wondergirl, Supergirl]
[Starfire, Captain Boomerang, Raven]

Wave 3 (October)

[Green Lantern, Green Arrow, Black Canary]
[Hawkman, Thanagarian Soldier x 2]

Wave 4 (November)

[Lex Luthor, Luthor Trooper x 2]

Future 3-packs:
Green Lantern (Hal Jordan/Star Sapphire/Black Hand)
Gotham City (Batman/Deadshot/Scarecrow)
Marvel Family (Black Adam/Shazam!/Mary Marvel)
Crisis (Harbinger/Shadow Demon 1/Shadow Demon 2)
Batman Family (Batwoman/Robin/Nightwing)


Bubbashelby said...

Just an FYI - in the unpackaged images it appears you have the DCUC Captain Marvel (Shazam) pictured.

TCN Ben said...

Yes, I didn't notice that, but it appears you are right. That picture was borrowed from Entertainment Earth so maybe it was an old version (prototype) of the figure, or more likely just a mistake. said...

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