Saturday, October 18, 2008

Fall Toy Preview comes to an end; Playmates announces new Star Trek, TMNT, & Terminator toys

The "Fall Toy Preview" was held this past week in Dallas. It is an annual toy manufacturers event where the bigwigs (and lots of small, up and coming toymakers) preview their new merchandise for the giant retailers so they can figure out what to order for their shelves. There was lots of news on toys I could care less about (and I would think you too) such as Bakugan and Ben 10. The event is closed to the media, so anything that is released is usually via press releases from the companies themselves. Playmates Toys put out the following press release (I edited it down some because it just went on and on) concerning their new TMNT 25th Anniversary line, and a couple of surprises - toys are in the works for the new Star Trek and Terminator movies:

"COSTA MESA, CA – Drawing upon a rich history of pioneering imaginative products as well successfully managing and developing lines based on stellar entertainment brand franchises, Playmates Toys promises the best is yet to come as it unveils its most ambitious slate yet at the Fall Toy Preview in Dallas.
In anticipation of Paramount Pictures’ upcoming feature film, the J.J. Abrams-directed STAR TREK debuting May 8, 2009, Playmates Toys beams up a collectible line-up of all new STAR TREK toys. Capturing the cutting-edge look and feel of the new adventure, the company has designed life-like articulated figures, iconic vehicles, intricately detailed playsets and exciting role-play toys to extend the movie’s magic beyond the silver screen. Kids will boldly go where no one has gone before, re-creating their very own Enterprise Transporter Room and Bridge playsets, featuring real working parts and accessories packed out with figures that allow them to create brand new STAR TREK adventures.
Heralding the fourth installment in the iconic, billion-dollar TERMINATOR franchise, The Halcyon Company’s production of TERMINATOR SALVATION — debuting May 22, 2009, from Warner Bros. Pictures and Sony Pictures — Playmates Toys will launch an edgy line of collectible action toys targeting kids and collectors. With a strategic vision for establishing a solid action toy segment for the next several years, the initial film window launch will include a full assortment of fully-articulated action figures (multiple scales) featuring new, never-seen-before TERMINATORS; battle-ready replica vehicles; and signature role play items: the TERMINATOR T-600 Voice ‘n’ Vision Skull with authentic red light-up eyes, voice changer/sound effects and the TERMINATOR Deluxe T-600 Fist that vibrates, fires and emits sounds. In the Fall, kids and collectors can build their world and collections out with the SKYNET playset: assortments of six new figures in basic (3¾”) and deluxe scales (6”); several new signature vehicles including remote control and skin peeling TERMINATORS in super size (10”); and much more.
It’s a shell-ebration! Everyone’s favorite lean, green, TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES celebrate the 25th anniversary of their comic book debut in 2009... Action figures based on the new TV show airing on Fox and the CW, and a new segment of the popular Mini-Mutant line including figures and vehicles will be the lines’ foundation. On the retro front, Playmates is re-introducing the original awesome 1987 action figure line, twelve figures in all, including the four Turtles, Splinter, Shredder and more. These figures will feature a “tubular” nostalgic 25th anniversary package design with a random assortment of classic TV episodes from the inaugural season."