Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The first new G.I. Joe vehicles of 2009

The names of the upcoming G.I. Joe vehicles (Wave 5) have been revealed, along with the exclusive action figures that are included with each set. These are all due out January of 2009. Sadly, no photos of the new vehicles yet but pictured above is the original FLAK from 1982 that returns in this wave.

- Arctic HISS with Arctic Driver
- Claw Glider with Stratoviper & FLAK Cannon with Outback
- Stinger Jeep with Stinger Commander

The Ghost Hawk (with Lift Ticket action figure) is also part of Wave 5 but debuts in Wave 4. We previewed Wave 4 here.

Plus, for those of you looking for a complete list to complete your Joe collection and keep track of all the new releases, I recommend this Checklist of the entire G.I. Joe 25th Anniversary line (courtesy of The Superfly).