Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Gears of War 2 exclusives from Amazon and Best Buy coming November 7

Gears of War 2, the sequel to one of the bestselling video games of 2006, is set for release on November 7. The merchandising tie-ins for the game are in full swing, as you can see by the cover of this month's ToyFare magazine.
As part of their collection, NECA has produced an exclusive Locust Drone action figure that is only available from As you can see above, he is captured in full headshot mode, but the 7" figure also comes with a regular interchangeable head, plus you get a set of metal COG dogtags. All for $19.99.

And if you are really hardcore, NECA is also offering a 1:1 scale (that's lifesize for you non-math people) replica of the Lancer rifle. Though it is a bit spendy at $139.99, if you pre-order it you get a free copy of the regular edition of Gears of War 2, or you can upgrade to the limited edition for $10 more.

Meanwhile, Best Buy is offering a free Best Buy exclusive remote control Centaur tank if you pre-order the limited edition version of the video game from them for $69.99. You can also buy the tank separately for $29.99.