Friday, October 24, 2008

Indiana Jones - Temple of Doom wave, the last of the line

There is something about knowing a toy line is cancelled that strangely makes me like it more. I picked up some of the Indiana Jones figures from Target the other day because they were on sale and also because I wanted a few more of them before they went goodbye forever. Mind you, I pretty much hated this line when it first came out, though it was mostly because I thought they were overpriced and I seemed to find far too many Mutt figures. I bought one Dr. Jones figure and an Indy, and that was it. But as different retailers cut the price on these to clear them out, I started to like them more. So I bought some Russian Soldiers and the Indy with the Ark set. Many of the figures and vehicles (like the Cargo Truck) match up well with G.I. Joe stuff, so they do have that going for them.
The final wave of the line before cancellation is the Temple of Doom wave, which is out now but pretty hard to find with most retailers having washed their hands of this line. has a really nice review of the Temple of Doom wave up, with up-close pics of the figures and the hidden relics they come with. I still haven't found these yet, but hopefully the clearance sales continue (I'm looking at you Toys 'R' Us) as I'd like to add a few more to my collection (especially the Mola Ram) before Indy goes quietly into the night.


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