Monday, October 6, 2008

LEGO BrickCon comes to an end. New sets on the way!

LEGO BrickCon 2008 was held over the weekend in Seattle. Over 3000 LEGO builders from all over the world converged on the Pacific Northwest to share their creations, talk shop, and see what's new in the LEGO universe. Among the highlights was a Zombie Apocolypse design competition, with builders showcasing their view of a zombie invasion of LEGO-land -- and the attempts to fight them off. The Brothers Brick has some great coverage of the event, along with many pictures for you to enjoy.

A new set (pictured above), titled the Medieval Market Village (10193), was announced at the show. It is due out in 2009 for an expected $100 price tag. The set contains over 1600 pieces, two 2-story buildings, 8 mini-figs, 2 cows, a whole cooked turkey, and much more.

In other LEGO news unrelated to BrickCon, the final Star Wars: The Clone Wars set for 2008 is about to be released. The Republic Fighter Tank (7679) is a Target exclusive that retails for $49.99. You can order it online now, or wait for it to hit shelves in the next couple weeks. It features over 550 pieces, measures aproximately 8 inches by 9 inches, and comes with 2 Clone Trooper mini-figs.