Thursday, October 2, 2008

Transformers Animated Deluxe wave 5 coming later this year, along with new 2-packs

When we gave you our giant run-down of the coming Transformer waves that were due out through the end of the year, we some how forgot about wave 5 of the Transformers Animated Deluxe. Well, here it is! This wave is due in stores by December. I still can't find wave 4 at retail, even though it has been available online for awhile. But a new spotting yesterday gives hope that wave 4 should arrive on shelves any day. I really want a Swoop to complete my Dinobot collection.

Deluxe wave 5 (pictured above) is:

- Bumblebee (supposedly with minor paint changes)
- Blurr
- Swindle
- Blazing Lockdown

Also, some repackaged 2-packs are heading our way (pictured below). A forum member reported on these Animated Deluxe sets of Optimus Prime & Blackarachnia and Prowl & Megatron. The versions of Prime and Megatron are those from the DVD pack "The Battle Begins".