Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Halo 3 action figure news dump

Lots of happenings in the Halo 3 toy universe. The McFarlane series of Halo 3 toys have been flying off the shelves. Series 1 was released in March, and Series 2 was released last month and is quickly disappearing.

Series 3 is set for release in September, with 6 new figures:

Also, an exclusive Halo 3 2-pack (pictured above) will be coming to Fred Meyer stores in November. This boxed set will include the Master Chief and the Brute Chieftain featured in Series 1.

And speaking of exclusives, if you missed the San Diego Comic Con Halo 3 exclusives (Spartan Soldier EVA "HellSpartan” plus an exclusive clear Spartan Soldier) you can now order them online from the official Halo 3 site. They had a limited run of 3,000 each, so supplies could run low -- so hurry up if you are interested. They are $30 for the set.