Monday, August 18, 2008

Transformers Legends Wave 2 now on shelves

They're cute, they're tiny, they're less than 5 bucks. Transformers Universe Legends are the smallest of the Universe line (followed by Deluxe, Voyager and Ultra in that order) but when you are looking for an affordable fix to your Transformers addiction, or a less complicated figure for the youngster in your life, they are just the ticket.
Reports from around the internet are that Wave 2 is now hitting the shelves. In this wave you'll find Hound, Jazz and Megatron (in his G2 tank form).


Bubbashelby said...

I really hope Hasbro keeps up with these wee G1 (and okay fine an occasional G2) lads. All the nostalgia of G1 in a tiny package.

TCN Ben said...

Yeah, they are starting to grow on me too. I finally bought all 3 of these tonight at Fred Meyer and the Hound is really awesome, as well as the Megatron. I have a couple of issues with the lack of coloring on Jazz's windows, but its still a solid figure.

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