Sunday, August 3, 2008

Living with a Toy Collector

Living with a toy collector is quite amusing. I have never lived with anyone who collected anything before. I’ve tried collecting little “Love is…” comics that you got from under the bubble gum wrappers, but after spending much money and not getting any new comic strips to complete a 100 page set, I got frustrated and bored and quit.
Optimism, persistence and this adorable childish twinkle in the eye is what my toy collector possesses. Sometimes I have to be like a parent and make sure that he doesn’t buy anything that is too big for our 1-bedroom apartment. Still, I feel like I’m with a kid in a candy store when we walk into a Toys ‘R’ Us or a Walmart which happens to be about 20 miles away. The saddest part about the toy collector is that he really wants to play with the toys, but the adult in him realizes that the toys must stay in their cardboard coffins forever.
I've had quite an adventure accompanying him to various locations. I have been to the Comic Con convention in San Diego, waited in line at midnight for Star Wars toys and enjoyed listening to him rave and wail about the latest Transformers updates.
So there you have it... I’m living with a toy collector and it's rubbed off on me, as my own toy collection, which started with a Tomb Raider action figure (yes, that's me dressed as Lara) continues to grow everyday.