Monday, August 4, 2008

Transformers Animated - my current addiction

Just like a Pokeman addict, I gotta catch 'em all! For the last few weeks I have been checking the stores to complete my Transformers Animated collection. I finally found Grimlock a couple days ago and just in time as the next wave is just starting to hit.

In this next wave, I am most looking forward to Ultra Magnus, who should be hitting stores this coming week. Part of the larger boxed Leader class, Ultra Magnus looks beautifully articulated. If you haven't been watching the Transformers Animated show on Cartoon Network, you are missing out on a well written and fun show - and I was one of those who when they first debuted the new show last summer at ComicCon was a bit worried they were going to destroy the franchise. If you need to catch up on some episodes, they are all on Youtube. And if you need to catch up on collecting some of the best Transformers made in years, hurry while they are still in stores.

UPDATE: The next wave has hit. The complete set of Deluxe figures pictured below were purchased at my local Target tonight. Pictured are Soundwave, Jazz, Oil Slick and Snarl. Ultra Magnus (Leader Class) was nowhere to be found, and reports from the web say he's not yet available in stores.