Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Star Wars Legacy Saga Legends - Wave 2 is out

The second wave of action figures in the Star Wars Legacy Saga Legends line is officially due out on September 11, but they have just been made available for sale now online at HasbroToyShop. Expect to see them in stores soon.
The wave features a lot of re-issues and re-paints, which I guess is the function of this line. Do I really need another Darth Vader? Fresher stuff can be found in The Clone Wars and Legacy Build-A-Droid lines, which both also have new waves set for release in a few weeks. But put me down for a Darth Maul.
Legacy Saga Lengends Wave 2 features:

- Clone Trooper Officer (Red)
- Darth Vader
- Darth Maul
- Jango Fett
- 501st Clone Trooper
- Shock Trooper
- ARC Trooper
- Battle Droid 2-Pack
- BARC Trooper

Update (9/7/08): These are now in stores, as I bought most of them at Toys 'R' Us tonight.