Friday, August 15, 2008

Transform and Roll Out this November (preorder now & get free shipping)

We've known about the Optimus Prime 25th Anniversary super-bad-ass with trailer re-issue since earlier this year at Botcon. He's due out on November 1st, and just like his old G1 self, he comes with his trailer, plus you get a DVD of the original first three G1 cartoon episodes and an Autobot shield that recites some well-known Optimus phrases. He retails for $69.99 and his blue is a bit more vibrant than G1 and his shorter smokestacks have left some message board posters outraged (its because of today's different toy safety standards) but he is still going to be at the top of many a Christmas List.
You can now pre-order him at Etoys and get free shipping. I haven't seen him available for pre-order anywhere else yet. Hurry before the scalpers get them all!