Friday, August 22, 2008

Transformers Universe news: Unicron returns! Again.

Did you miss out on Transformers Armada Unicron back in 2003? Well, you are in luck then because he's about to return.
Hasbro produced the massive Unicron in great quantities that holiday season. I still have one Mint In Box taking up space in the closet -- but he was also insanely cool. A huge robot that transforms into a planet that eats things is always a good idea. If you remember the original Transformers movie from 1986, Unicron was one bad ass mofo.
The last re-release of Unicron in this size was in the Energon line of 2005-6, but at least he was repainted black. But this time we don't even get a repaint. Now part of the Transformers Universe line, Unicron is a Toys 'R' Us exclusive and has been spotted in Singapore and is slowly making his way east. Look for these to take up lots of room on shelves this holiday season.

Also, pictures of a Universe 2-pack have turned up on the web, showing a Galaxy Force version of Cybertron Optimus Prime, and Cybertron Crumplezone. No official word on when or where this is going to be released, but rumors are it may be an exclusive for a particular store.

And finally, Ebayers from China have once again provided a look at some prototypes and early releases that we should see down the line at some point.