Saturday, September 13, 2008

Toy Collector of the Week - Peaugh

This week's featured collector is Peaugh, a well-known Transformer collector and reviewer on Youtube. He regularly reviews unreleased Transformers he purchases from Chinese suppliers, giving us a detailed look at the toys often weeks before they hit the shelves. The above video is Part 1 of his Transformer collection, and you can find Part 2 here.
This week he posted his 100th video review, a look at the upcoming Transformers Animated Shockwave. If you haven't seen Shockwave yet, check out the link for a look at this classic Transformer character who is now restyled for the Animated line and features 4 different modes (2 Robot modes, a crane, and a tank).
Peaugh is also running a contest this week in celebration of his 100th review. You can win a new Transformers Animated Ultra Magnus by viewing this video and answering his video scavenger hunt questions. The contest ends on September 21 at Midnight EST, so have a go at it for a chance to win a free $40 Leader Class Transformer. I don't own Ultra Magnus yet, so I'll be entering myself. Also, visit his Youtube homepage for a look at all his Transformer reviews.