Friday, September 12, 2008

More problems arise with new He-Man figures

The new He-Man and the Masters of the Universe Classic line hasn't been without some controversy. Many fans around the 'net seemed a little disappointed that the new toys, which will be sold exclusively at, won't include any of the 2002 figures and will be based on the original '80s toy line in design. Some fans have also balked at the hefty price tag, at over $20 each with shipping.

Now comes word that armor issues are causing the delay of the first two figures, He-Man and Beastman. Originally scheduled for October 31 and November 15 respectively, they have now been pushed back to December. The only good news is they will now be released on the same day, so you can save on shipping by having them sent together. Also, supposedly the armor is being improved so it is interchangeable with other figures in the collection.
In light of these issues, is running a poll to gauge fan reaction to the line, so go and vote and hopefully Mattel is listening.