Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Toys 'R' Us releases Star Wars Galactic Heroes exclusives

Two new Star Wars Galactic Heroes sets have just been released, exclusively at Toys 'R' Us. We reported on the new vehicle sets already and I just bought the Darth Vader Tie Fighter last night. The Galactic Heroes line has really grown on me -- I didn't much care for it at first, but the new sets are crafted with unique quality and cuteness that is hard to resist. I am really looking forward to the Jaba the Hutt skiff.
The two new Toys 'R' Us exclusive sets pictured above are the Rancor and the AT-RT. As the Rancor package says, "Rancor Eats!" as his mouth is big enough to shove the included Luke Skywalker into -- and in the process allowing you to act out that famous scene from "Return of the Jedi" in a slightly different fashion.