Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Transformers Bumblebee 3-pack (Walmart Exclusive) spotted at retail

The new Transformer's Bumblebee 3-pack (Walmart Exclusive) has been spotted at retail. It includes 3 versions of the popular little yellow Transformer. The set, titled The Legacy of Bumblebee, features the Classic, Movie, and Animated versions all in one box. Supposedly it retails for $28.88.
In other Transformer release news, Transformers Animated Wave 4 Deluxe figures are also starting to appear in stores. The wave includes Sentinel Prime, Swoop, and Elite Guard Bumblebee. They've been available from some online retailers (for a premium price) for a couple weeks now, but hopefully now you can find them at their regular MSRP of $10. I will buy them all, but am really looking forward to Swoop to complete my Animated Dinobots set.