Friday, October 3, 2008

Star Wars The Clone Wars wave 3 & 4 preview

Star Wars The Clone Wars animated TV series premieres tonight on The Cartoon Network at 9pm (E/P). Are you as excited as Padme?
To commemorate this day in Star Wars history, here is a preview of The Clone Wars action figures wave 3 and 4. Wave 3 seems pretty unspectacular, with pretty much only repaints and boring characters. But wave 4 has a couple interesting figures such as young Padme and Goldie the droid. In case you missed it, Wave 2 is due out next week.

Wave 3 (November 2008):

- Asajj Ventress
- C-3PO
- Count Dooku
- Destroyer Droid
- IG-86
- Plo Koon

Wave 4 (January/February 2009):

- Padme Amidala
- R3-S6 Goldie
- Clone Tropper 212th Attack Battalion
- Clone Trooper with Space Gear
- Magnaguard