Wednesday, September 3, 2008

G.I. Joe Target Exclusive vehicles released today!

Today is D-Day for G.I. Joe collectors looking for the Cobra Rattler and G.I. Joe Conquest airplanes. The official release date for these Target exclusive vehicles is today, September 3. The Rattler comes with pilot Wild Weasel and the Conquest comes with Slip Stream. The original Rattler was always a favorite of mine as a kid, so I will be busy looking for one of these myself.
We previewed these a couple weeks ago when some of them accidentally leaked onto some shelves, only to be pulled back. These are NOT online only, and will be in stores despite some rumors to the contrary. As with many products, shelf stocking is often at the whim of a particular store, so if you can't find them you can politely ask a store employee if they will look up the following code for you in their computer to see if that particular store is sold out or if they are sitting in the backroom: DPCI: 087-06-2047
Happy hunting!